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Botanicals: Solanaceae

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On the Curious Properties of the Solanaceae

Verily, in this age of wonder and exploration, Nature doth present us with her bounty. Yet amongst her gifts lie enigmatic plants, bearing both boon and bane. The Solanaceae, a family most intriguing, bestows upon mankind fruits and roots of diverse virtue.


The Belladonna, with her bewitching berries, doth possess powers both medicinal and malevolent. The Datura, with trumpets pale, hath been witnessed in rites most arcane. The Mandrake's eerie resemblance to man hath lent it to magick's dark and obscure, whilst the unassuming spud, favoured in many a dish, doth caution us with its verdant hue. 


In all, these plants serve as testament to Nature's dual intent: to sustain, yet ever to remind us of her underlying might and mystery. Handle with care.


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First Edition contains 70 NFTs in total, each with unique paper textures, and print effects.
10x Atropa Belladonna

10x Datura

10x Mandragora

10x Hyoscyamus

10x Solanum melongena

10x Capsicum chinense

10x Solanum tuberosum

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